When it comes to understanding women most men will admit that they need much help in this area.

Women are more complex.  Their needs and desires are numerous.  A woman has a need for:

  • Better listening from her husband: interactive, empathetic communication.
  • Having her “petty” problems taken seriously: for discussion of (and sometimes help in solving) difficulties.
  • More regular and more open communication: obvious attentiveness and interest, both on facts and feelings levels.
  • Attention besides when he wants sex: feeling that she’s a love partner, not just a love object or tool.
  • Appreciation: thanks and gratitude for all she does.
  • A real (or apparent) interest in her life: curiosity about her day, beliefs dreams.
  • Demonstrated affection and courtesy in front of others: enjoyment of and pride in being seen with her.
  • Being a part of her husband’s life: by sharing goals and values with her, talking over business, etc.
  • Little remembrances; notes, gifts, or special plans that say, “I love you.”



  • Quality time away from the kids: whether a weekend away or a drive around the block.
  • Inclusion in things he does: companionship in events or wanting her involvement when he’s away.
  • Her husband’s involvement in things she enjoys: willingness to indulge, if not share, her favorite pleasures.
  • Understanding: trying to comprehend using intuition and logic.
  • Closeness: holding her in his arms, for protecting her.
  • Tenderness: use of kind words and sensitive tones.
  • Help with the children: in discipline, in training, in presenting a united front.
  • Verbal expressions of caring: compliments, praise, and affirmation.
  • Acceptance of who she is as she is: permission to be imperfect, affirmation of her appearance, character, achievements.
  • More family time: everyday attention, regular outings, and vacations.
  • Desirability: feeling like a special and feminine woman.

What Women Wish Men Knew About Them

A recent survey conducted by the Notable Women’s Fellowship indicated that these were some of the things that they wish

men knew about them.

Married Women:

  • We like to have intimacy (cuddling, kissing and hugging) without always ending in full intercourse.
  • We want our husbands to be the provider and head of the household in all  areas:  Spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • How to be a little more patient and understanding when a woman goes through the change of life.
  • How to be a little more patient when making love (slow down).
  • Study the needs of a women (particularly your wife), and strive to meet them with all that is within your power.
  • We get tired just like they do after a hard day at work.
  • Know that even in hard times we will be there for them.
  • How to be more gentle and compassionate.
  • Know that when a woman loves a man, she loves a man hard, and with all her might.
  • Men need to know that after all he has taken a woman through, in the marriage relationship, that if he would ever leave her, she would seriously make him regret it.
  • We are emotional creatures. We are soft, gentle and bruise easy.
  • We really need them to be the head of the family and be in control.
  • We really need security knowing that they will take care of us spiritually, financially, and lovingly.
  • Women are not machines
  • Women can not and do not want to do it all.
  • Women need help from their spouse in parenting, decision making and housekeeping.
  • In spite of the fact that we have been married for awhile, we wish our husband knew how to date us.
  • A man is appealing to a woman when he truly worships the Lord.
  • Our romantic needs.
  • To laugh more.
  • Don’t take life too serious so that his work becomes his god.
  • We need daily attention and affirmations from them.
  • We want godly leaders.
  • We are there to be a helper, lover and friend.
  • We care about their health and it hurts us in many ways when they abuse it.
  • We want to respect them.

Separated/Divorce Women:

  • Knew a woman’s temperament type and how to adjust/be adapted to it.
  • The importance of honesty.
  • Talk to me (communication is important).
  • We do not mind submitting.
  • Security is one of our more honest needs.

Single Women:

  • Men truly have the ability to hurt women by their actions, especially in their role as husband and father.
  • Women who are strong really need men to protect them in every area (i.e. emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, etc.).
  • We are insecure at time.
  • We don’t want to be in control all the time.
  • We need to feel protected and safe.
  • Our hearts were made to love.
  • To be treated like a queen.







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