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Welcome to our STRAIGHT TALK FOR MEN / WOMEN BLOG page. STRAIGHT TALK FOR MEN / WOMEN is published monthly by Men On A Mission Worldwide Ministries, a Bible-based, non-profit profit organization, Christ-centered ministry dedicated to helping men and women become Godly influences in their homes, families, communities, and the world.
Men On A Mission requires no dues or other financial obligations. Men On A Mission is, rather, supported solely through charitable contributions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach every unsaved man in America by 2013 and every unsaved man in the world by 2023 with the life changing news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our Vision

The Vision of MOAM is to turn the hearts of men to God thereby causing them to be spheres of Godly influence in their homes, communities and the world at large.

Our Goals

Men On A Mission Worldwide Ministries, Inc. was founded on January 29, 2000. The purpose of MOAM is to help men become Godly influences in their homes, families, communities and the world at large.

MOAM upcoming goals are to reach men through:

Education Empowerment
Providing GED support to high school dropouts and stressing the need for higher education.
Financial Empowerment
Through investment workshops, seminars and providing entrepreneurship opportunities.
Substance Abuse Counseling
Providing substance abuse support and counseling through a network of substance abuse centers.
Alternative Lifestyle Counseling
Providing support and counseling for those struggling with same sex issues.
Providing monthly fellowships targeting issues that confront men on a day-to-day basis.
Sports Enrichment
Using sports to teach character, discipline and to provide places where young people can engage in organized activities.
Fresh Start Programs
Giving ex-offenders, recovering addicts, homeless men an opportunity for vocational training and getting a new lease on life.
Youth Mentoring
Providing positive male roles to boys who have no male figure in the home.

In addition, we have able ready facilitators for various men’s retreats, seminars, workshops, and conferences.


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