MOAM Fresh Start Program

Men On A Missions Worldwide Ministries mission, Gives Hope to the Homeless and Ex-Offenders.'s Life-Changing Fresh Start Program for Formerly Incarcerated & Homeless People.

Fresh Start Program

Our mission is to create a world-class program that

supports and empowers individuals who have experienced incarceration, homelessness, and other challenges in their lives to build sustainable futures filled with purpose and success. Fresh Start Program for Ex-Offenders and the Homeless is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing, employment, case management, and other services to help those in need get back on the path toward successful reintegration into society. The program seeks to empower individuals to become productive members of the community by providing supportive services such as job placement, career counseling, financial literacy, and individual development plans.

The Fresh Start Program works with individuals who have been released from prison and who are struggling with homelessness to help them create positive and stable lives in the community. The program’s goal is to provide a strong foundation and necessary resources so that individuals can create and sustain a sustainable, independent lifestyle.

The Fresh Start Program begins with a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s needs. This assessment is used to identify any barriers to employment, such as a history of drug use or criminal behavior, lack of education or previous job skills, or lack of housing and support systems. The assessment is then used to create an individualized action plan to help the individual build a successful future. This can range from providing guidance as to where individuals can find housing and employment to helping them obtain access to educational and vocational training.

The Fresh Start Program also offers case management services, which work to ensure that individuals are receiving the assistance and support they need to be successful. Case managers review the individuals’ progress and create plans for future progress, connecting them with external services such as healthcare and substance abuse treatment if required. The case managers also monitor clients’ progress and provide regular follow-up, providing an essential element of accountability and positive reinforcement to help individuals stay on track.

The Fresh Start Program also works to create strong connections between individuals and their communities through participation in local activities and programming. This includes monthly meetings at the local community or faith-based organizations, workshops and seminars focused on life skills, and developing individual development plans to create a stable foundation for long-term success.

Through the Fresh Start Program, individuals gain the necessary support, education, and employment they need to maintain a positive lifestyle. The program provides a safe haven where individuals can gain the skills, resources, and support they need to create a successful and secure life.