’s Fresh Start Program for Ex-Offender & the Homeless is a comprehensive resource designed to help those who were formerly incarcerated re-enter society and achieve a successful, sustainable life. The program is committed to helping ex-offenders and the homeless gain access to housing, employment, training, and other supports to help them start new lives.

The Fresh Start program offers a range of services geared toward helping ex-offenders and homeless people access safe, permanent housing. They provide assistance with job placement counseling, resume building, and interviewing skills. They help participants create realistic budgeting plans focused on getting back into the workforce and establishing a stable lifestyle.

The Fresh Start program also provides personal development and life skill-building services to help participants strengthen their emotional and psychological capabilities. They offer mental health and substance abuse services for proactive treatment of substance abuse and emotional instability. They also provide personal coaching which can help participants build emotional stability, manage stress, and make sound financial decisions.

In addition to helping former inmates and the homeless with the transition back into society, the Fresh Start program also aims to reduce crime and recidivism. They help participants develop their job readiness and employability skills, which in turn decreases their likelihood of re-offending. They also provide peer support services, which can help participants develop connections that can help prevent future criminal activity.

Finally,’s Fresh Start Program for Ex-Offender & The Homeless offers public education and awareness-raising programs on criminal injustice and its effects. They educate the public on how being homeless or formerly incarcerated impacts people, and how these people can make meaningful and productive contributions to society. They aim to help shift public perception towards formerly incarcerated individuals and the homeless away from one of stigma and toward one of empathy and understanding.

All together,’s Fresh Start Program for Ex-Offender & The Homeless is an comprehensive support system for those who are formerly incarcerated and/or homeless. Through innovative programs and services, the program provides access to employment, housing, mental health and emotional development services, and more. The program’s holistic approach to re-entry is helping to provide a new start for those formerly incarcerated or homeless and transform our society for the better. Learn  more >>>